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The key to rights for China’s workers Bitter personal experience and wide observations of the conditions of Chinese workers led Li Qiang , a 28-year-old worker from Zigong, Sichuan, to become an advocate for independent unions. Li’s activism eventually forced him to flee his country. He now resides...
The idea that the rights to subsistence and development are the first priority for people in China is a familiar one by now, since representatives of the Chinese government constantly repeat it at international events where human rights are on the agenda. The implication is that individual...
LAWSUIT FILED HRIC initiated the filing of a lawsuit against the former Premier of China, Li Peng. The lawsuit was filed at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are Zhang Liming, who lost his sister in the Beijing massacre, and Zhou Fengsuo, Liu...
Chinese authorities embrace the Unification Church’s teaching on sexuality
Two unforgettable summer weeks in a Beijing prison Chinese writers face harder times. While China rushes towards an ever more market-oriented economic system, President Jiang Zemin has made it clear that he intends no change in ideology. Several scholars and outspoken journalists have lost their...
The story behind the New Culture Forum Web site
China sets low level for terms of agreement with UN High Commissioner On November 20, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Chinese government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to initiate human rights cooperation programs in China. B□trice Laroche looks at the significance of...
The Li Peng lawsuit & universal jurisdiction over violations of rights
The China Democracy Party (CDP), which made waves two years ago, has now been effectively crushed, writes Jan van der Made . This article examines the genesis, the suppression and the fall of the CDP.
Tong Shidong & Liao Shihua


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