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Deconstructing the received wisdom that China is home to a homogenous ethnic group with common origins and a shared history, Frank Dikötter argues that an ethnically integrated China is, in fact, a modern invention linked to the rise of nationalism at the end of the nineteenth century.
Racial discrimination in Hong Kong Interviews with Hong Kong residents show that racist attitudes and practices are common in the territory, write Christine Loh and Kelley Loper . But the Hong Kong government has consistently refused to consider enacting legislation banning racial discrimination...
The unexplained disappearance of Leung Wah Soon after the news broke about the arrest of a number of academics, the murder of Hong Kong democracy activist Leung Wah in Shenzhen shocked Hong Kong, playing on the worst fears about China and the power of the police there to detain people without...
Interviews with exiles from Tibet
One woman’s struggle to help the victims of Henan’s HIV epidemic
Democracy or nationalism? The anti-Western nationalism fanned by the Chinese authorities as a way of uniting the country at a time of difficult economic and social changes will not help to resolve social conflicts in the long run, argues Carl Gershman .
When the news broke in March that US-based Chinese scholar Gao Zhan had been detained on spying charges, it quickly led to the release of information about other similar cases of academics who had been arrested by State Security authorities.
MORE ARRESTS OF CHINESE-BORN OVERSEAS RESIDENTS As news emerged of more arrests of people originally from mainland China now resident overseas, the US State Department issued a travel advisory for all Chinese-born US citizens who plan to travel to China. Over the last six months, the Ministry of...


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