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1. Ezra Vogel said that in writing Deng Xiaoping’s biography, he tried to narrate the political life of Deng from an objective and neutral position, that the book does not include moral judgments of what Deng did—but that he has woven his understanding of Deng’s thoughts and actions into his...
In April 2005, Hong Kong journalist Ching Cheong was detained by China’s dreaded security apparatus as he was about to cross the border from Shenzhen to return to his home. Charged with what appeared to be trumped-up charges that he provided state secrets to Taiwan, he soon finds himself serving a...
I began to read China’s Search for Security by Andrew Nathan and Andrew Scobell on a flight from Chicago to Beijing via Alaska, the North Pole, and Siberia. While reading the book in the dimly-lit cabin filled with passengers who were going to China to do business, study, attend meetings, or look...
Before you read this review, and, I hope, F, remember that Mao Zedong’s giant portrait still gazes down on Tiananmen Square. On the book’s jacket there is this statement by the Great Teacher: “What kind of people are those we don’t execute? We don’t execute people like Hu Feng, not because their...
Like its counterparts throughout the West, the United States fears upsetting Beijing. For decades, American policymakers have set aside or sacrificed the human rights of those under the Chinese heel, especially in Tibet. No one knows more about this shameful subject than John Kenneth Knaus. A forty...
January 7, 2013 [English translation by Human Rights in China]
Gao Wenqian HRIC Senior Policy Advisor Excerpt :
China at Home Tiananmen Square , July 27, 2005. Photo Credti: mayakamina
Mao’s Great Famine: The History of China’s Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958–1962
A cautionary tale and call for animal protection legislation On May 23, 2012, Zhou Ying [周颖], a 40-year-old woman, sought refuge at a police substation in Pengpu Township, Shanghai, after fleeing nearly twenty animal lovers who attacked her for reportedly adopting and killing cats.


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