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Seeking government accountability for the massacre in accordance with the law is our legitimate right. For 33 years, we have been pursuing the three demands of “truth, compensation, and accountability” in a peaceful and rational manner, calling for a dialogue with the government through the legal...
The cases of the 47 individuals accused of “conspiracy to commit subversion”—known as the Hong Kong 47, or NSL 47, in reference to the National Security Law under which they are charged—have languished in Hong Kong’s court system for more than a year, while most of the detainees have been denied...
In anticipation of her upcoming visit to China, HRIC joins 59 human rights NGOs around the world in calling upon Michelle Bachelet to improve her office’s approach to addressing China’s human rights abuses. Among the NGOs’ requests are: release the long-delayed OHCHR report on Xinjiang, ensure the...
HRIC joins 191 NGOs around the world to urge UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to publish the long-delayed OHCHR report on the grave human rights situation in Xinjiang.
In the lead-up to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, a Chinese official explicitly warned athletes that, while in China, they would not be free to express themselves. Many of them did voice their concerns—before and after the Games—about human rights violations in China.
HRIC and NGOs around the world urge governments to join a diplomatic boycott of the Games, slated to begin February 4, 2022, and athletes and sponsors not to legitimize government abuses.

Human rights defenders play a critical role in ensuring peaceful exercise of rights and promoting an independent civil society. As China’s civil society faces increasingly steep restrictions, human rights defenders have become the targets of draconian and comprehensive crackdowns. For their efforts, many human rights defenders have lost their jobs, family members, and personal freedom; many suffer mistreatment and torture in prison.

December 14 is the birthday of Wu Gejianxiong—one of the Changsha 3 imprisoned for “subversion of state power” for defending the rights of vulnerable groups. Below is a message from from his father, lawyer Wu Youshui, urging supporters to send their birthday wishes to Wu. Wu was a staff member of...

Last updated: December 13, 2021

The case is also known as the “Changsha Funeng” case.

(Typical cases that demonstrate the worsening human rights situation in China)


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